Trusting in God’s Mercy

But I have trusted in Your lovingkindness; my heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.

Psalm 13:5-6

When we trust in the mercy and love of God our heart has no reason to be sad but should sing for joy at the good that God has made us. God is our salvation and all He wants is good for His children. God will never fail us, always trust Him, in His mercy is renewed every day and do praise and worship our Heavenly Father our lifestyle.

Human beings have a tendency to believe that deserve the best. It is common to hear people say they deserve better pay in their jobs; they deserve to live in a better house, and deserve a better destiny. You may also have heard someone else affirm them that they deserved better than what they have. In a way, sometimes might have a point. Certainly there are injustices in the world and sometimes, not always the better gets the prize, but the most vivid stands in victory and lift the trophy.

However, in our relationship with God, fortunately for us, we do not get what we deserve. And you might ask me what do you mean by that, Tony? What I mean is that God does not give us our deserved because He treats us better than we deserve. That does not mean that God gives us everything we asked when we want it, He gives us what we need and always His plans for us are much better than we expected.

Now, let’s see what really would deserve from God according to our behavior towards Him. Everyone without exception has greatly offended our Creator. If we go one by one the 10 Commandments, we could realize that none of us has fully complied with them. Some might say that they have not killed anyone; but Jesus said that angry with our neighbor is equivalent to killing him. Can someone who has not been angry with his brother, his friend, his son, his father or a stranger there be? We have no excuses, all of us have failed God sinning and the wages of sin is death.

Therefore, all that we would deserve from a Just and Holy God is to be condemned to eternal death for our trespasses and sins. Only the mercy and love of God allow us to have the option to save. So it is not by our merits but because God, in His infinite love and His sweet mercy, sent His own Son to die for our sins. Instead of demanding that God gives us a better situation in this world, we must first get right with Him acknowledging our sins, repenting and becoming to whom died for us. Today is the day for reflection and put you right with God and accept His beautiful gift of salvation through His infinite mercy. God bless you.


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