Beware of the Greed

Then He said to them, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.”

Luke 12:15

Jesus warns us to beware against all covetousness and explains that man’s life does not consist of his possessions and wealth. In the eyes of God man rich is not worth more than a poor. Unfortunately in our time, most people, including many Christians, lives busily for more and more each day. Some even commit crimes just to earn more money or property. Drug trafficking, kidnapping, robbery and assault, trafficking in human organs, prostitution, government corruption, bribery, blackmail and extortion are some of the many criminal forms used for the purpose of seeking quench the excessive appetite for wealth.

There are also many ways that appear to be legal or honest; but that basically pursue the same, greed. There are rich-quick schemes that today fascinate most people. However, there is a very fine line between legitimate business opportunity and Ponzi scheme. On the other hand, gambling, bets, black Friday among others, are other forms of greed. Our real value is not in the goods that accumulate on this earth but we have stored treasures in heaven because those are timeless treasures, are permanent, while all earthly wealth is fleeting and can be lost in a second.

I’ll be honest with you who hear or read this message, I do not come to give lectures on how you should do things because I always have done in the right way. Instead, like all human beings, I have fallen in similar situations and I am the first to raise my hand when to identify a culprit of certain things. I’ll tell you something. Some time ago, a man showed me a business that looked great. With $ 25,000, he offered me the opportunity to make millions in a matter of a few months. I fell into the trap of greed and took all the money from my retirement, which could not do without government penalty, and handed him the amount relating to the subject. That already go almost two years and not only I have not seen a penny of profit, but I have a tax debt with the government and the man in question turned out to be a fine scammer who is now hiding from me and all the other whom he has deceived.

What wisdom in the Bible! And what fools we are to not follow. We fall into error by following our own wisdom or some other who will never be wiser than God. Do not fall into ambition too many goods because our true value is not the product of our goods. It is true that you are worth for what you have, but you are worth for who you are. So try to have the highest value in this world and in the afterlife, and that immeasurable value is acquired when you become a son or daughter of God. Take the leap of faith and write your name on the Book of Life. God bless you.


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