Trust in God

Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You. I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good besides You.”

Psalm 16:1-2

Trusting in God is the best decision we could take in life because He will always keep us from all evil. Absolutely, there is no good apart from God, but from Him everything will be good. Let God our Lord and trust surely His absolute protection at all times on each day of our lives.

There are people whose trust is in the property they own. These people are powerful because they feel safe at a great material wealth. Unfortunately, possessions change hands constantly and what is yours today, tomorrow might not be. So if we put our trust in money or things we buy with it there is no guarantee.

Other people put their trust in their intellect, the things they have learned and they feel safe. I was one of those who put their trust in their own human wisdom and intelligence. Throughout my life I felt strong for the gifts with which God had endowed me. In a way, these gifts were my idols. Until one day everything started to crumble and my idols were shattered.

In the midst of one of my greatest existential crisis was that I had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and from that moment I decided to put my trust in God alone and not in anything or anyone else. You might ask me if I’ve had problems after that day I met the Lord, the answer is yes. Of course I have been through many difficult times and probably in this moment it could be one of them; but I know everything that happens to me is a proof that I must overcome because God is with me at all times and my goodness does not come from anyone else besides Him.

If today that you hear or read this message feel that your life is falling apart, your finances are in the red, that loneliness is your only companion and you’ve lost all hope, I have very good news for you. There is someone who cares about you, someone who loves you with an everlasting love, someone who has been waiting for you since the first moment you saw the light of this world. That someone is God who wants to have a beautiful relationship with you today. A relationship in which He will be your beloved Father and you will be His child.

I cannot deceive telling you that all your problems will disappear because you put God first in your life. While we live in this world, we will continue exposed to the vagaries of life as all mortals. The big difference between those who trust in God and those who rely on other sources is that, no matter what happens to you or things around you, when your trust is in your Heavenly Father; victory is assured because the plans of God are perfect and always be destined to do well to those who trust in Him. God bless you.


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