The Biblical Model of Confrontation

If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.

Matthew 18:15

The procedure that Jesus taught His disciples when someone offended them, it is first rebuke him or her and if the person repents, forgive him or her. No matter how often trespass against us, we must forgive all times when the person repents and let us know. It is the same procedure that God uses with us. Every man and woman has offended God with sin, God rebukes us through His Word, if we repent before God, forgiveness is always available. Only who refuses to repent will not be forgiven.

Some people find it very hard to forgive. They are people who feel that what other one has done to them is too great to be forgiven. When someone reminds those people must forgive, they often say: “you say that because they did not do to you” to justify their lack of forgiveness.

While we remain in this world, we all will offend someone or we will be offended by others. Given an offense, right, as the Lord teaches us, is the offender’s private confrontation, that means that, at first, will not involve third parties in the discussion. Nor should we go around posting the event through social networks or bring the complaint to our friends or friends of the person involved. Everything must be between the offender and the offended and nobody else.

The great advantage of this biblical confrontation method is that it gives the opportunity for the offender to acknowledge his or her error in private. Therefore, not exposed to public shame and the case can be resolved in this instance without adding fuel to the fire. If the offender acknowledges his or her fault, the victim must forgive and leave everything so no getting around the issue. Unfortunately, many offended people allow remain roots of bitterness in their hearts. So who is more damage is done to the individual. If the offender does not acknowledge his fault, then the Bible says that confronts with witnesses and finally before all congregation.

All this may sound unpalatable to some people. But God has used the same procedure for each one of us. We have all sinned, i.e., we have all offended God. In God’s Word we find God speaking to each of us on our faults. It is in you and in me to recognize our sin in this first instance of confrontation that makes us God. Today, God is speaking to you and call you by your name remembering the sins you have committed against Him. Instead of getting angry or justify your attitude, humble yourself before God, acknowledge your sin and repent. The Lord will accept your repentance and forgive you. In heaven there will be a party because there is a new name written in the Book of Life. God bless you.


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