God is Our Best Guide

Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed; those who deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed. Make me know Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths.

Psalm 25:3-4

Who expects in God will always be guided on the right path and will never be confused. There is no better compass, better GPS or better best map than God and His direction is accurate and always leads to salvation. Although things do not look good, let trust in God, let trust in His wisdom, let trust in His love and we will move forward.

In 2002 I moved from San Antonio, Texas to South Florida. By then I didn’t know very well the Sunshine State and I came driving a rental car in which there was barely room for me. As I was traveling alone and most of my belongings were visible, I didn’t stop to sleep along the way, but only stopped to rest for a while in designated locations along interstate highways in the United States. The total distance that I ran was more than 1,300 miles. I had no cell phone or GPS and my trip lasted 27 hours.

Passing through Orlando, Florida, I had already 24 hours nonstop driving and was I very tired and sleepy. At that moment I felt a mocking voice saying to me: “you’re not going to achieve”, I identified that the devil in person spoke to me. Only a couple of weeks ago I had given my life to Jesus Christ. I rebuked the enemy and clung to God as my guide and protector. About three hours after this incident, I arrived at my destination; but I did not go straight to bed to rest, but I decided to ignore the rush of so many hours with a steering wheel in hand and went to church to thank God for guiding me and protect me. I tell you this testimony for you to check that when we trust and hope in God we will not be confused. On my way from Texas to Florida, the enemy tried to confuse me; but I had trusted my God, who showed me His way.

Put your faith and trust in God through His beloved Son Jesus Christ. Do not be a rebel without a cause; allow Him to guide your life. Nothing and no one could do better because He knows all about you and wants the best for you. Remember that our humanity is far from perfect. Modern navigational instruments can fail. In fact, I can tell you that several times I was led to a path that leads nowhere using a GPS. But God will never fail to guide you to safe port all the time.

There is a port that will be where we are all going to land one day for the rest of eternity. When we leave this world, we go to our final destination. We have two options to choose: take our own course or allow it to be God who leads us to the place of eternal life. Where would you rather be? If you have decided to be guided by your Creator, I congratulate you, you have made the right decision, and I assure you that you will not be confused or puzzled but will direct your steps into the arms of your Heavenly Father. God bless you.


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