Trust God to Avoid Being Confused

In You, O Lord, I put my trust; let me never be ashamed; deliver me in Your righteousness.

Psalm 31:1

David prayed to God never be confused and based his request on their trust in the Almighty. The faithfulness of God is limitless and He never will betray the confidence to deposit in Him. We’ll never be confused when we trust in God that He will lead us in paths of righteousness, He will be the light that will guide us on the right track all the time.

Chapter 11 of Genesis tells the story of the Tower of Babel. According to the Bible, after the flood, all humans spoke one language. However, God confused their tongues when they wanted to build a tower so high that reach the sky. This story shows us that the inhabitants of the Earth did not trust God but in themselves and, therefore, were confused.

Many times we are confused because we have more faith in our own abilities than in recognizing God’s direction. At present, often we prefer also to rely on modern devices that put our trust in who created us. We do not take into account that modern navigation instruments can fail, cell phones batteries become depleted or electricity can be interrupted by a storm or sabotage.

Several years ago, in the church where we congregated, the pastor asked if we could pay our house pool to baptize several people. Obviously we accept and went into the house. One man that was going to be baptized, which we will call John, had an inconvenience and deviated from the path toward our house to resolve the issue. When we arrive to my house, everyone asked for him. His wife had arrived in another car bringing both cell phones so there was no way of contacting John. To top it off, we had not given our address, and we supposed we would go all of us in convoy.

We waited half an hour, no news about John. But as soon begin the baptism ceremony took place, somebody knocked on the door of our house. It was John who came without GPS, without the address, without ever having been in our house or having idea where it was located. All of us asked him how he had come, and his response was that he asked the Lord to guide him not wanting to miss the blessing of being baptized.

The story of John shows us how true that trust God frees us from being confused. No matter if you do not know the path the Lord has drawn you, trusting that follows the route will reach the destination without wrong. Do not try to trust your abilities or material things that give you security. For all your trust in the Almighty and you will see that everything will go according to the divine purpose. No matter if you do not understand the instructions of God, remember that He never will head towards destruction or failure, but to victory. God bless you.


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