God Always Listen

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed.

Psalm 34:4-5

When we seek God, we can always be sure that His ears will be willing to listen to our requests. God will always hear our voice when we come to Him for His presence. You have to understand very clearly what Jesus says in Matthew 6:33 and Luke 12:31 we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then have everything else besides. The blessings of God are the logical consequence of always seek His presence. When we look for when our eyes are on Him, we will be led by His Holy Spirit, who will tell us the right path in every decision we should take. He will never leave us in shame.

After I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, for a couple of months I was going through very difficult trials. Most of the people I loved and esteemed gave me back and branded me a bigot. Moreover, much of the new people around me at that time treated me with much hostility. To make matters worse, I spent all that time unemployed and my financial reserves were being depleted. It was a very difficult time for me.

As all my efforts to change my situation seemed useless, an afternoon locked myself in my room and lay down on my knees to pray, cry, mourn and present my situation to God. I do not remember all the time that I spent kneeling in front of my bed, but could have been more than an hour. The truth is that I lost track of time. I submitted to the Lord all my situation: my lack of employment, the rejection of my friends and family, hostility I faced, among other things. I also put all my situations in His hands and told Him that my only hope was He and my faith was placed in Him alone.

The faithfulness of God passed the test at 100%. When I finished praying, all my fears disappeared first. I felt the comfort and support that God was giving me. My spirit came comforted and secure than anything else I had asked my Heavenly Father would get. And so, the next week I got a good job in my career. Gradually the rejection of my friends and relatives was disappearing and all the hostility around me fell. No doubt that God heard me.

It is not a chance that you are hearing or reading this message right now. If you are going through times of pain or a situation that is beyond your control, seek your Father in private and tell Him trustingly your fears and concerns. Surely God will not deaf to your situation but His ears be attentive to your prayers. Keep the faith to believe that He will enlighten your path so you can walk smoothly. And soon you will see your face glowing and you will not be ashamed to look into the future. God bless you.


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