Having Faith to Please God

Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.

Hebrews 11:6

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Everyone who comes asking something to God must believe that God will be able to hear and answer prayer. It is obvious that God will not answer a prayer without faith because He does not like that kind of prayer. Therefore, the only guarantee that God will move in our favor is to pray with faith, fully convinced that God will grant our request always going according to His divine will and that compliance is in God’s time, not in ours.

I’ll tell you another of my testimony about faith. Several years ago, I was gradually losing hearing in my right ear. I made numerous auditory tests and diagnosis was totally deaf on the right. I asked the doctor what I could do and he told me that deafness is irreversible and all I could do was wearing a hearing aid. I did not like the idea of using a device to listen to my forties, so I said to myself, this is work for my God.

By that time, I was part of my church choir. What I did was pray to God in this way. I said, Lord, I thank you that You have given me the gift and talent for music. You know, O God, that I could have taken advantage of that talent and yet, I decided to work on something else for a living. Now I use those gifts that You gave me to praise and exalt You. You know, Lord, that a singer or musician needs his two healthy ears. Science has said I’m deaf in one side; but I think you can restore my full hearing.

I kept for a while praying to Heavenly Father that way. One night there was a meeting of church leaders. At the end of the meeting, the pastor said he had felt in his spirit praying for the sick. More than 50 people stood up and when the pastor saw so many in need of prayer said he could not do it alone. He then asked if anyone had the gift of healing or wanted it that was going to help him to pray for the sick. I had not stopped to pray for me; but when the pastor asked for help, I volunteered.

With me there were several other people praying for the sick. Then I prayed for the last woman in my row. She told me that she had lost her left ear several years ago. I raised my eyes to heaven and said: Glory to God, you know what, I lost my right ear; but in the name of Jesus, tonight you and I will have new ears. And, for the glory of God, the miracle happened.

I know that God was pleased with my step of faith. And in the same way He goes to please when you who hear or read this message put your faith into action. Remember that the Lord does not move for your needs but by your faith. Please God believing that He will fulfill every one of His promises and certainly you will have. God bless you.


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