Jesus, the Water of Life

Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks from this water will get thirsty again. But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again—ever! In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life.”

John 4:13-14

Today I’ll share a vision I had some years ago. I saw a huge fireball red-orange color is approaching at high speed from outer space to crash to Earth. The fireball was a little larger than the size of our planet. It was a very different celestial body to which I’ve known for astronomy, not having the appearance of a comet, nor did an asteroid because of its large size.

I saw the fireball of the previous vision did not clash with Earth. When approaching our planet, there was a repulsive force between two spheres, similar to the repulsion between magnets placed opposite each other in their identical poles. The fireball tore its collision course at the last moment and turned away from Earth. So I saw from outer space. However, I also saw the effect of the passage of the fireball from the ground. First I saw in the sky a large red-orange trail covering at least a third of the horizon. The waters of rivers, seas and lakes rose up as if a force greater than the force of Earth’s gravity’s attracted. It was not due evaporation because I saw liquid water flows up into the sky and disappear behind the red-orange trail. At the end, I saw the void left when exiting the waters of lakes, rivers and seas.

The result of the previous vision was something awful. The gaps left by the waters were grave all aquatic fauna of the planet. The decomposition of the bodies of millions of marine animals flooded the land of a foul smell. I watched as the ground cracked by the lack of water and people were crawling on the floor dead of thirst. The birds of heaven fell fulminated, terrestrial animals suffered the same fate as humans and the heat was stifling. The whole atmosphere on the planet was desolate and no one seemed to have any consolation, it would seem as if a nuclear war would have ended completely with civilization.

Amid chaos left by the previous visions, I saw something very beautiful. First I saw a cloud, like a dense fog covered the entire Earth. After Earth being covered by the cloud, global temperatures turned nice, not that hot. In a fog, I saw appear the Lord Jesus, walking towards people crawling on the floor. He came full of glory and power and spoke to the crowd with words of encouragement. He told them that He is the source of water of life, and He is the resurrection and the life and, therefore, He was also able to give life to a dying planet.

People were encouraged with His words and all nations fell down before Him to worship Him. In this situation, I saw fulfill that every knee shall bend before Him. All nations of the earth began to sing a song of praise to the Lamb, proclaiming King. Here I saw fulfilled the prophecy that every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. That’s when I raised my eyes to heaven and saw millions of angels descend with a huge white bowl filled with pure water which gushed about the voids left by the water that was. Pure water of life filled every river, every lake and every sea and contact, reborn life on Earth. I saw the emergence of new and beautiful vegetation, new animals in the waters, new birds in the heavens and new land animals. Life had returned to the planet through who is the way, the truth, and the life: Jesus Christ. God bless you.


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