If You Can Believe

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Mark 9:23

If you can believe, everything is possible to him who believes. Jesus says first “if you can believe.” There is a popular proverb “if you want, you can”, therefore, it is necessary to want to believe to be able to can believe. Many people refuse to believe what God’s Word says preferring to be wise in his or her own opinion or focus their beliefs in human speculations that do not lead to any solution. The second thing Jesus says is “all things are possible to him who believes.”

If we decide in our hearts believe what the Word says, anything is possible. Be that the sick are healed when we put our hands on them; may be let out demons; be possible for all our home be saved; be able to resist the enemy to flee. In conclusion, there will be nothing absolutely impossible if we can believe. Then we will see Jesus, who did not leave us alone, but gave us the Holy Spirit, who clothed us power to witness.

I’ll tell you something that happened to me in late 2014. I was hurting so much my right wrist, although I did not pay much attention. But one Sunday morning I suffered a terrible tremor that my wife was so frightened that she called paramedics. Within minutes an ambulance arrived to my house. I was still trembling all over my body and emergency personnel took my blood pressure, measured my blood sugar and I had an electrocardiogram. The tests went well and thought it was not necessary to take me to a hospital; but they suggested me visiting my primary care physician.

The next day I called my doctor, who was not available to assist me; but I got another appointment with one of his associates. When I went, the doctor referred me to a neurologist for the tremor; but also he looked at my right hand, where I had a big pain. Upon review, the doctor found a ball on the wrist and told me it could be a kind of tumor, so he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands. He also told me that I would need surgery and after removing the ball of my hand, it would be necessary to send it to pathology to determine whether it was malignant.

The appointment with the orthopedist would be but on Thursday of the following week. Early Monday of that week I took the decision to believe God and what He had ordered me several years ago: to write every day. The pain in my right hand was so strong and, the least anyone would do in such a condition is to sit for more than 12 hours typing on a computer. I did and, to the glory of God, on Thursday when I visited the orthopedist, there was no ball or pain. No matter what you’re going through right now, makes the decision to believe God. Rest assured that nothing is impossible and everything, without exception will be possible because your faith will move mountains of obstacles that are before you. God bless you.


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