Working with Excellence

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.

Colossians 3:23-24

There is nothing worse than a mediocre job. Many employees have been fired from their jobs for the poor quality of their performance. On the other hand, excellence in work brings good rewards. Not necessarily be a better financial remuneration, but also the satisfaction of accomplishment. In the same way that we work with excellence in the natural, we must act when we do for God.

Years ago I met a man whose way of working impressed me greatly. Its main activity was as a salesman. His enthusiasm was contagious and always he had a friendly smile on his face. I took appreciation for him and he gained my confidence and we made friends. Anyone seeing his performance at work could think that this man was very happy and he had no problem to worry about.

However, the truth is that this man had come to Florida from Houston, Texas. There he was associate pastor of a church whose senior pastor was his own father. The reason for his departure from Houston was that his wife left him bringing their children to Florida. He decided to leave everything to be closer to his children and try to save his marriage.

He was not doing well financially and most of the time he did not cover his own needs because he first separated the money to support his children. But his status as a servant of Christ inspired him to do a job of excellence in everything he carried out, regardless of the material result obtained. The faithfulness of God was manifested in the life of this man who received his reward and was completely restored.

This story is inspirational; but it could be the exception to a general rule we live in today’s society. Many people want to know first what their benefits are before committing to do a job. If expectations are not met, it is very likely to work without enthusiasm and without regard to their performance leads to mediocrity. Commitment to excellence has practically disappeared because many prefer to make real the proverb the monkey dances for money.

What would we do if our boss was God and not a man or a woman? Would ask first what is the profit before committing to a work of excellence? Would lackluster our work? If we fear God in truth, I think we would try to give the best to our divine boss. So, the next time we are going to do our work, whatever, let’s pretend that our boss is the Lord and do the work with all our heart. That does not stop us the knowledge that we are not paid enough and that is not our ideal job, but excellence is our goal. God bless you.


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