God Knows All About Us

You comprehend my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word on my tongue, but behold, O Lord, You know it altogether. You have hedged me behind and before, and laid Your hand upon me.

Psalm 139: 3-5

Human beings tend to always keep a secret that not even share with their closest friend. Many secrets are to remain undisclosed to grave and others are discovered when the person no longer lives. Is likely to live years with a person that does not know completely and who kept secret ever because certain aspects of his or her life. However, no human being can hide secrets from God because He knows the truth about our life.

I know the story of a couple who got married when they were both about 35 years. He came to marriage after has been experienced divorce, but she had never married. Given his status as divorced, he sought by all means successfully carrying out this new opportunity to start a family. Soon, he discovered that she had panic attacks during intimacy.

He spoke peacefully to her and asked if she had been through a bad experience that had caused her a trauma. He also said that he would know and understand that if they needed professional help he was willing to cooperate everything in his power to help her overcome this trance. She replied that she had not passed anything and the only one with problems in the couple was him because he wanted have intimacy with her.

Of course, the story of this couple did not end well. While she flatly refused to admit that something might have hurt her in the past, it was impossible to do anything about it. For a while he tried to find out for himself what had happened to his wife, but to no avail. Then he got tired and looked outside her home what she refused him. Meanwhile, she remained as if no matter what always he did to stay at home.

At the end, he left home and later, when he filed for divorce, she declared a fierce war that wiped him financially. For him it was a tremendous surprise because she turned out to be a completely different woman to that with which he shared for more than a decade. And worst of all, he could never discover the reason for panic attacks she had during intimacy.

We can deceive humans presenting a different face to what we are in reality. We can remain silent hiding a secret for life. However, it is impossible to deceive God or that conceal our secrets. Even our innermost thoughts are scrutinized by Him and all our intentions are an open book. Maybe you take time keeping a secret in your heart. It could be a wound from the past, a sin that you do not dare to confess or a mistake you made and you’re embarrassed to tell anyone. Your Heavenly Father knows all about your life and now, before you open your mouth He knows what you feel and think. But open your heart to Him is better for you than remaining silent. God bless you.


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