All Things Happen for Good

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

If anything I’ve learned in life is that many of the bad things that have happened have subsequently served for something positive. Even my own mistakes have been me useful to learn the way in which things should not be made. What it is written in Romans 8:28 have a very important meaning for the children of God: all things work together for good. Therefore, every son and daughter of God should not feel scared or worried about things that happen. The most important thing is to realize that for us there is a loving Father who is responsible for the end of the story is always happy.

In my life I have been through so much that after a while I realized that occurred for good. I could write a book just on those stories. That’s why people are surprised that I do not feel concern over adversity. Is that my blessed God has shown me many times what Romans 8:28 says I’d be a fool if I stopped trusting Him. His goodness and mercy have been with me even during the time in which I lived giving back to Him and trying to do only what I pleased.

The August 30, 1979, I was with two friends singing in the festivities of a small village north of the Dominican Republic. We spend our whole day in this town and enjoyed a very pleasant time. People treated us excellently. We had been served in the house of the village mayor and at the end of the day they extended the invitation to us for staying the night there.

While that happened, the country was on high alert for the imminent impact of a powerful hurricane. As Hurricane entry would be in the south of the country, our hosts encouraged us telling us to stay there in the north would not happen anything. I was willing to stay, but my two friends said no. I then told them as we walked together I would abide by the majority decision although it was not my personal desire. In this way, we were led to our city where we arrived in the early morning hours.

The August 31, 1979 it was raining throughout the Dominican territory and in the afternoon, the powerful Hurricane David, Category 5, with winds greater than 150 mph struck the island. The trail of destruction left by David in its wake included killed more than two thousand people. What happened in the small northern town where I was the day before the hurricane? A mighty river was diverted and flooded the entire village. More than 50 people died there, including 7 who lived in the house where I would be. That house was washed away by the raging waters.

I wanted to stay and continue to enjoy good time; but God would not let me because He wanted good for me. If today you identify with an unpleasant event that is happening to you, your heavenly Father thinks to use for what you are going through. In the end, you’ll look back and appreciate it. God bless you.


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