The Word of God is Clean

Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

Proverbs 30: 5

It is very nice to see a source of clean, clear water. And best of all is to enjoy the taste of this natural and uncontaminated water. Unfortunately in our time every day there are fewer sources of clean water because the development and modernity have been responsible for introducing foreign substances into water bodies. God’s Word remains the only source of living water pure and clean. This source of life is available all the time to quench our thirst for justice, love and forgiveness.

I remember as a child and studied at school that my colleagues and I used to go to a river that was about seven miles southeast of our city. Although it was a public river beach near the road, my friends and I went down a road not paved until a farm of the parents of one of them. The scenery was spectacular because the river ran between two mountains and formed a waterfall which we called the jet.

Once enjoying a picnic on the river, a quite heavy downpour fell and all of us went out of the water and take refuge in a nearby cabin. The water became very dirty because of the hillsides down muddy torrents that fell into the river. We are very sad because we had been spoiled the ride. One employee of the farm told us: “Wait until it passes the downpour and you’ll see.” It stopped raining and ten minutes later, the river water was completely clear.

Some 15 years after that, two of those friends, who were brothers, and I had the idea of ​​installing a plant for bottling water. I had graduated in chemical engineering and one of the brothers was business manager. We met and decided to take samples of water from various sources around the city and sent to a lab for analysis. When I picked up the results, the lab director told me that one of the waters had called him much attention for its purity and high quality; it was just the water from the jet river.

The Word of God is of high quality and high purity. It is as pure as there is no fresh water on the Earth or under it. Psalm 119:9 says: How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word. The Word of God is able to clear our way. Let us search the Scriptures and find its address for our lives. Follow to the letter the wise instructions that Heavenly Father has left written in the Bible.

Psalm 119:140 says: Your word is very pure; therefore Your servant loves it. And the Word of God that is sweet, clean and extremely pure serves as a lamp that illuminates our path, sustains us and gives us understanding. Because as Psalm 119:160 says: The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. Every day let us to take time to enjoy the Word of God. We turn off our spiritual thirst by drinking from the clean, sweet and pure source God bless you.


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