Our Faith Overcomes the World

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

1 John 5: 4

In the spiritual world, the key to victory is faith. In the four Gospels we can clearly see that the presence or absence of faith made the difference between the occurrence or not of a miracle. On the other hand, the natural world is largely opposed to the things of God. The opposite of faith is doubt and uncertainty is the daily bread in the world. The only way to overcome the things of the world is through our faith.

I will share a story that I received by email message some time ago. A poor, sad woman walked into a grocery store. She went to the shop owner, and a very humble manner she asked if he could guarantee some things. Speaking softly she explained that her husband was very ill and could not work, they had seven children and they needed food. The shop owner mocked her and asked her to leave the store.

Due to the needs of her family, she insisted: “Please sir, I’ll get the money as soon as possible.” The owner said he could not give credit, and he asked her to leave. Beside the counter was a customer who overheard the conversation. The customer approached the counter and told the owner that he would be responsible to what women need for their family. The owner was not very happy with what was going; reluctantly he asked the lady if she had a list. And the lady said, “Yes sir!”

“Okay,” said the salesman, “put your list in the balance, and that despite the list that I will give you in goods.” The lady thought for a moment with his head down, and then pulled out a sheet of paper her from bag and wrote something on it. Then she puts the paper on the scale carefully. Owner eyes widened in amazement, as the customer too, when the weighing plate containing the paper down to the counter and held down. The owner, staring at the scales, said: “I cannot believe it!”

The lady smiled as the grocer started putting the goods on the other side of the scales. The balance did not move, so he kept filling the dish until no more fit. Finally, he took the list of the plate and saw more amazement. It was not a list of goods. It was a prayer that read: “Dear Lord, You know my needs and I put them in Your hands.” The owner gave the things that had gathered and stood in front of the balance, stunned and silent. The lady thanked him and left the store. The client gave the owner a $50 bill and said. “It really was worth every penny.”

I do not know if this story is real or fictitious, the truth is that it does not surprise me at all that has occurred. This lady gained victory over world opinion by faith she had in God was going to meet her needs. Put your faith in action, fully confident that you will win. Remember that God knows your needs; but only He will move in your favor according to the measure of your faith. God bless you.


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