Soul’s Moisturizer

He shall pray to God, and He will delight in him, he shall see His face with joy, for He restores to man His righteousness.

Job 33:26

When cleaning our face, we are not only removing makeup residue or acquired environmental dirt, but also dragged the natural moisture of the face and let it dry as a desert. So we need to apply a second product, a moisturizer. Similarly, our soul cleared for forgiveness needs to be hydrated with prayer. If you do not hydrate the skin of your face, it will wither. So, if you do not pray, your soul is dry; but as you trust in God, the eagerness and anxiety disappear because you learn to relax and wait on the Lord.

The natural moisture of the skin is due to the combination of amino acids that are components of proteins, degraded by urea produced by the liver in conjunction with the electrolyte from your body. The effect of this process is the sufficient production of lipids that nourish the cells and generate healthy skin and lush appearance. The skin loses moisture, texture and sensitivity due to weather conditions; and even during sweating due to environmental pollution.

To keep skin hydrated facial moisturizers are part of the daily cleaning routine that dermatologists recommend. They are substances that contain the necessary quantity of emollients and moisturizing oils which create a thin layer to protect and to fill with lipid the spaces between cells. Moisturizers prevent water loss, cover cracks, protect and calm the skin, provide nutrients the body is not producing and replenish water loss and ingredients that retain as glycerin.

As the skin, soul loses moisture of trust and patience texture as a result of daily trails. To keep hydrated soul, prayer is that moisturizer that creates a thin layer of divine presence and filled with oil of the Holy Spirit voids that cause the frustrations of a life submitted to the uncertainty of waiting. Prayer replenishes the loss of hope and renewed confidence in the promises of our loving Heavenly Father.

Prayer is our direct communication with our Creator, who always has His ear ready to listen. When phoned a family member or friend, sometimes we do not receive answers and we leave messages in the voicemail. Other times, we write emails whose answers take weeks to reach us. Also our text messages seem to reach out to our contact, even though we see online.

However, none of this happens with God as soon bend our knees to pray, He dedicated us all His attention and responses we will arrive in a timely manner. The “phone” of God never sounds busy, our prayers do not reach His “spam” mailbox or He is no longer online. Its availability is 24 hours, 7 days a week. Pray and our message will reach Him. God bless you.


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