Authority over the Nations

And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations.

Revelation 2:26

As things look today, Christians seem to be losing ground in the nations. It is remarkable that in many parts of the world the power and authority are exercised mostly by people with no fear of God. Only then justify why they’re penalizing speak of Jesus Christ while actions that are contrary to God’s law are legalized. The Word of God has always been accurate, therefore, Revelation 2:26 cannot be the exception. That means that indeed the children of God have power over the nations.

Many times we read things by halves and do not understand the meaning because we ignore somewhere. We will look carefully Revelation 2:26 to realize what the power over the nations being given to the children of God. I know this last pleases everyone; but we must study the entire verse to see under what conditions we receive that authority.

What it says first is Revelation 2:26: He who overcomes. What does that mean? To overcome means winning, prevail, be victorious, triumph. Whoever wins is not defeated. Therefore, he who overcomes will stand at the end of the battle. And if there is battle, a struggle, it is because there is an adversary that we will oppose. Therefore, considering this first requirement, the authority over the nations is not something you get automatically but cost us fight to win.

Then Revelation 2:26 says: and keeps My works until the end. It is not enough to fight and win, there is a second requirement: obedience. We must be consistent in our walk with God and never faint. It is not merely followed to the letter the instructions for a while and then stop. The observance of the Lord’s affairs should be a task of every day of our stay on Earth. To the end it means until the day we die or until the day Christ comes again.

In short, get power over the nations implies on our part to have resistance, obedience and perseverance. Resistance means opposition to the action of a force; ability to resist, enduring or suffering; ability to withstand stress or weight. Our resistance to oppose the action involves the world that contradicts the will of God, endure the suffering of the tests and be able to bear the burden of our cross daily.

Obedience means doing the will of the person in charge, what sets a standard or what the law commands. In our case, obedience implies acceptance established by God’s will. Perseverance is the dedication and steadfastness in the activities and ideas or making things, perseverance is persistence; it is permanent or very long-lasting things. Accept as God’s will for our lives permanently, His promises will be fulfilled and we see that Revelation 2:26 is a fact and we have power over the nations. God bless you.


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