First Consulting with God before Acting

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.

Proverbs 16:3

Things must be weighed very well before being executed. However, there are so active and impatient people who rush to execute their actions without thinking. The result is almost always failed because they did not foresee the problems that would arise along the way. That happens even to believers who do things without first consulting with God. And when they are in deep water, then go to God to rescue them. Proverbs 16:3 tells us that the first step before doing is putting our plans in the hands of God who will establish our thoughts.

For me it is not very difficult to understand what Proverbs 16:3 says. As a professional engineer, I know the importance of steps for planning and designing as prior to the execution of any work. I know everything that man has been built was first an idea, a project that was conceived by someone, and then it went through a process of analysis and finally be approved and built before it could be used. I also understand that people who do not have my professional background may not see so easily.

But it is not necessary to be an engineer to realize that things first they are thought, are raised, are consulted and analyzed before implemented. A farmer knows it too. When he has the land in front of him, this man thinks what to sow. Maybe it will not rely only on what he knows; he will ask who planted before him in the neighboring land on which the crop is best suited to the land. He will select seeds, prepare the land and make a series of steps before sowing. The fruit is not obtained as soon as is planted the seed, requiring spending time in the care of the plant before that happens.

Some people, including some who call themselves Christians who think God should be excluded from certain aspects of their life. This type of person does not believe that God has jurisdiction over their finances or in choosing a couple. They think it’s okay for our Heavenly Father to intervene in spiritual things; but the material or relational is something that does not concern Him. Those who think so are making a big mistake because there is nothing on earth in which God has no interference.

When we buy a device that needs assembly, it is prudent to follow exactly the manufacturer’s instructions. It would be very foolish not to take steps to arm the device or equipment in the established order. If we do it our way, it’s very likely be extra parts or that we place them incorrectly. God is the maker of all creation and His instructions are the right to carry out every detail of our lives.

We realize that include God in our decision making, we benefit greatly. The wisdom of God is higher than all humanity combined. His love for His children has no limits and He always seeks good for us. Before taking any action or project, we must consult with Him. God bless you.


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