The New Man

And that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.

Ephesians 4:24

Brand new clothes are very pleasant. It is rich smell that comes out of our clothes when we use them for the first time. The fabric texture is different from the used clothing which has been laundered several times. You feel different and others realize that we have new clothes. Spiritually, when we are in Christ, we must try to dress in the new man and enjoy the smell of God who comes from us so everyone will realize that there is something new in us.

More than a decade ago I met a young Colombian named Carlos, who had a personal encounter with the Lord. While in his first love with Jesus Christ, Carlos shared the good news of salvation to his aunt Lucia, with whom he lived. In turn, the aunt did the same with her husband Angel and the three became regular attendees at the same cell group which I attended.

I remember Mr. Angel very well in his infancy in the Gospel. He was the driver of a school bus and as good Puerto Rican; he was a close friend of the joke and had a great sense of humor. Soon he joined the service in the church as an usher and also he offered himself to operate the bus carrying members of the church to retreats. What he did not like was being involved a lot in the study of the Word because he was not much studied.

A few years later I stopped to congregate years in that church and later Carlos also moved with his family to another church. Time passed and one day I met Mr. Angel in a store and we started to talk. I was shocked with the new Mr. Angel in front of me. While he still retained his cheerfulness and good humor, the new man had enjoyed great spiritual maturity and look for the presence of God.

Today Mr. Angel is no longer with us as he was with the Lord; but I have very fond memories of him, especially of that meeting we had that day in the store. I saw it firsthand the meaning of Ephesians 4:24. Definitely the transformation of Mr. Angel did not come from him but was the creation of the same God in righteousness and holiness of truth.

As happened to Mr. Angel it should happen to everyone who has a true encounter with God. In the book of Exodus is told that the face of Moses reflected the glory of God after coming down from Mount Sinai. We are not the same before and after Christ and that is something that people will notice when we become to him. Naturally, who makes us new is God not ourselves.

What bring us to the new man? We’ll bring our willingness to be transformed, our resignation to remain being ourselves and let Christ who is leading the train of our lives. While we offer resistance to be changed, we will continue with the old clothes. Let stop resisting and let launch the new man. God bless you.


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