Where Does Salvation Come?

You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews.

John 4:22

John 4:22 gives the answer to the question that gives title to today’s message: salvation is of the Jews. Throughout history, the Jewish people have been mocked for much of humanity. The Jews have been hated, persecuted and mistreated for centuries. For nearly two millennia they wandered all over the world and millions of them were killed cruelly. Since several decades ago, Jews have returned to their land and have restored their nation. And while many other nations crave their destruction, the salvation of all mankind is of the Jews.

Several years ago, in the church where I congregated, I attended a prayer meeting early in the morning. After the meeting, I agreed with two of my brothers in the faith to go to breakfast at a Cuban restaurant nearby to our church. During breakfast we touch the issue of Jewish and one of my colleagues expressed their contempt for them. My other friend and I tried to explain that as a Christian, his attitude towards the Jews was to be different.

However, our friend increasingly hardened his position on the Jews. He said that Christians should hate the Jews because it was they who killed Christ. He also said that Jews were stingy, greedy, and selfish and additionally they do not believe in Jesus Christ. He also told us about the cruelty of the nation of Israel on the poor Palestinian people, who lived oppressed by them. Our effort to convince him otherwise was vain.

There are many people who think of the Jews as such. There are religious traditions that depicted as responsible for the death of Jesus Christ, which makes them worthy of being despised by those same traditions. However, we should mention something about it; we cannot blame the Jews for the death of our Lord. Even one can say that the Romans, perpetrators of His crucifixion, who was killed. Every human being has existed on earth is as guilty of the death of Jesus as the Jews who incited or the Romans who conducted.

Now it is an inevitable question, why Jesus says in John 4:22 that salvation is of the Jews? Remember one important detail, in the flesh, Jesus was a Jew. Since our salvation is by grace, not by works, but by the atoning sacrifice of a Jew, Jesus Christ, explanation on John 4:22 is obvious. So, like it or not, you hear me friend or read, if you save the death sentences and do not condemn, it’s because your salvation came through the Jews.

There is an additional detail, especially to the Gentiles, that is, those who are not Jews. After the Lord’s resurrection and ascension to heaven, the gospel message was preached first to the Jews, who mostly rejected. But thanks to this rejection, the good news of salvation was transmitted to the other peoples of the world and so Gentile humanity had the opportunity to gain salvation.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the nations who today worship the true God, we worship the God of Israel, that is, the God of the Jews who has given us the power to become His children by believing in Jesus Christ. God bless you.


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