It Gives You Pleasure, but It Destroys You

Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.

James 1:15

Not everything that we enjoy it is good and beneficial for us. I remember an old song that says something like this everything I like it is illegal, immoral or fattening. Humans seem to have an obsession with forbidden pleasures. There are people who feel a great attraction to very dangerous situations, such as extreme sports, which run the risk of losing their lives. But the worst human tendency is our inclination to practice sin, which leads directly to death, sometimes physical death, and at all times to spiritual death.

I will share a story that happened decades ago. After graduating from university and working for a few years in the industry, I returned to my hometown and agreed to be in charge of an administrative department of a university that was just beginning. My pleasant surprise was that I had a young secretary whom I met in my neighborhood when she was a child and I was a young college student. I was very fond of her and considered her as a little sister.

My secretary had accepted to be girlfriend of a much older man. He had lived many years in New York and returned to the city after that. His Age then hovered between 35 and 40 years. I was about 28 and my secretary, the girlfriend of the man was about 21 years old. The man, who was called in the city Elegant Cowboy because he was always dressed in jeans, boots and hat was making proposals to the girl of having sex before marrying. She rejected his proposals and finally ended the engagement.

The college where we worked lost official recognition and was closed. A few years later, the Elegant Cowboy was diagnosed with AIDS and the disease was in its terminal stage. Having been one of the men with more fans throughout the city, he became someone who everyone let alone. Only a great friend of mine visited him often in his deathbed. My friend told me that in his final days, the Elegant Cowboy confessed that he knew he deserved to die for his own fault; but the greatest pain he wore was that he had infected with HIV about a hundred women in the city.

Shortly after the death of the Elegant Cowboy, I met one day on the street who had been his girlfriend, my former secretary, the girl whom I loved like a sister. She told me she thanked God for not having succumbed to the proposals of the man because then she would have been among the victims to be infected with this terrible disease. I praised her for her integrity and grateful that she had the confidence to tell me her things.

Elegant Cowboy history ended in death for him. Possibly he fully enjoyed the pleasure of having sex with dozens of women. But his actions the Bible places them in the category of sin. Undoubtedly he sinned by fornication and adultery committed because at least I knew he was with a married woman. And he, the consummate sin led him to death.

Maybe your case is not as dramatic as the Elegant Cowboy. But if you recognize an area of ​​sin in your life, do not be put off momentary pleasure it gives you, repent of that sin and abandon the practice. Get right with God and surrender your life to Jesus Christ because the wages of sin is death. God bless you


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