Everlasting Punishment or Eternal Life

And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.

Matthew 25:46

Matthew 25:46 is another biblical text that indicates the existence of only two places to spend eternity. Here the Lord calls the everlasting punishment and eternal life. Again, there is not mention of other options besides these two. That means that once we leave this world we expect these two destinations and any more. The place of everlasting punishment is hell, heaven being that of eternal life. The journeys to either of the two places is with no scale, therefore, rule out once and points in between.

The last verse of chapter 25 of Matthew is the conclusion of the discourse of Jesus on the judgment to the Gentiles. Although most people today dislike that preach about judgment, sin, repentance, hell and holiness, quitting is a supreme act of evil against them. In the same way that we correct our children because we love them, God speaks abundantly in His word about those issues, in order to account if we overlook the hurt forever.

I am well aware that my thoughts do not fall well with some people. And although it may seem illogical, for those same people I insist on continuing the same line. But it’s not because I am owned by sadism and I love to see others suffer, quite the contrary. Bible truths silent for fear of being rejected or to be more popular in social networks would be a heinous crime on my part because it would be denying those people an opportunity to see the light and know the truth that sets them free.

Friend who read or hear me, make no mistake, life is certainly not just what we see and feel actual. There is something more than merely that perceived by our senses. There exists a spiritual world and a destination for each human being after death. That fate and that spiritual world are real and affect us regardless of our beliefs. Our beliefs, our opinions on what we consider truth does not make the rules. There is something absolute beyond our relativism.

Millions of people have never left around the place where they were born. But the fact that an Indian of the Amazon rainforest is not even aware that there is a city called Paris which is the capital of a country called France, this city and this country do exist, whether this indigenous creates the world it limited to Amazon. Similarly, God is real although we deny His existence; hell is real even we pretend to believe it is a fictional place.

Meditate for a moment what would happen if hell, the place of everlasting punishment is already guaranteed to every human being unless we seek the appropriate output. Knowing that the place is not nice and would stay there permanently, do not you look forward you encourage avoid getting there? God has no interest in humans perish and be eternally destined to dwell in hell; but if we do not take the right action, His righteousness will condemn us.

What is the correct action? It’s simpler than you think. First is to recognize that is not in us avoid punishment. We are all sinners and deserve death. We must repent of our sins, change from death to life, recognizing that only Jesus with His death on the cross enables us to escape hell and accept His lordship over our lives. Allow Him to lead you from today and have eternal life. God bless you.


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