Believing to Receive

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

Matthew 21:22

Everyone, including unbelievers, recognizes the power of prayer. So, in times of difficulty, they approach their friends or family who are believers asking to pray for them and their needs. What many overlook is the necessary requirement for prayer is answered favorably: you must believe to receive. Most prayers are not answered by the lack of faith. It is not that God has any interest in attending our prayer. Rather it is that we doubt His ability to work on our behalf.

A man of God I know once fell into a coma and doctors said he was clinically dead. The doctors informed his wife that the best thing was to disconnect survival machines for completion of the process of his death. She flatly refused to disconnect him and asked to be alone with her husband in the hospital room. She knelt and prayed to God to make the miracle to restore life and health to her husband. In no time she doubted that God would answer her prayer.

Several weeks passed and the man showed no signs of recovery. Doctors still asking the wife permission to disconnect him; but she insisted on not accepting as she continued steadfast in prayer. After almost a month in a coma, the man woke up. Doctors were surprised by what happened. But most amazing of all was that this American man whose language is English, woke up speaking perfect Spanish, the language of his wife, while not able to understand or speak his own language.

This prayer warrior woman believed in her heart that what she was asking God would receive and it did. I experienced this case very closely because I know them both and I verified the story by myself. As this case there are many more. What we need to receive what we pray is to believe that we will receive it and not doubt for a single moment that it will. God can respond immediately or can afford to wait a bit; but He will be faithful to what His Word says.

Every human being has needs. Many times we think we are going through the worst situation in the world; but if we look carefully around us, we can find people going through worse than we do. In our cry to God, often we do not reach an answer and we imagine that our Heavenly Father is too busy on other matters or probably He is not interested in us. Sometimes, we probably think that we rank last among the children of God.

The truth is that God sees each of His children as the most special. As a loving Father, He is willing to give us the best. I am very sure that God answered the prayer of David in Psalm 17:8: Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me under the shadow of Your wings. And in the same way He will keep you as the apple of His eye because you are His beloved son or his beloved daughter. What is waiting for God to answer that prayer long have you been doing? What He hopes is that you believe that He will grant what you’re asking. For Him nothing is impossible, then, Do you doubt that He is able to give you what you need? Put your faith in action and believe that whatever you ask in prayer you will receive. God bless you.


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