All Things Are Possible to Him Who Believes

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Mark 9:23

People claim if you want you can. Unfortunately, many times we want and we cannot. The main reason for our inability to achieve what we want is we do not believe we can do it. In Mark 9:23, the Lord changes us the phrase “if you believe you can.” If we can believe, all things will be possible and there will be absolutely nothing that cannot be reached. If the Lord says that all things are possible to him who believes, as His Word is true, I choose to believe Him, do you think you are?

In several of my previous messages I have shared stories of people who have believed and have gotten things that seemed impossible. An example is that of a friend and brother in the faith who asked God to give him a home without him having to put a penny down payment because he did not have. It was at a time when house price increased overnight and no vendor gave anything. God moved my heart that I gave to my friend ten thousand dollars of closing costs and he bought my house at market price without putting anything.

I myself have experienced in my person to achieve the impossible just by believing. After a few years of my personal encounter with Jesus Christ I was diagnosed with hearing loss in my right ear. Deafness is medically irreversible, but I believed that God could restore my hearing and He made the miracle in my life, which was subsequently certified by a doctor.

The same happened to Carlos, who fell head first from a height equivalent to three floors. I saw him in the hospital the day of his accident and his head was misshapen. Carlos was conscious and told me that he believed that God would preserve his life and he was to be no sequel to his downfall. Carlos did not need surgery and he was totally fine.

Another case of a person who believed and received her miracle was that woman that doctors told her she had terminal cancer and she had six weeks of life. She believed that God would heal her and He did. That was more than a decade ago and this woman is alive and completely cured of cancer. What medical science was completely impossible for this woman who believed it was possible.

Recently I shared another story of someone who believed and it was possible what she requested. This wife not allowed disconnected survival machines of her husband who was in a coma and who had been declared clinically dead. She cried out to God and believed that He would raise her husband from his deathbed. Medical science had thrown in the towel, but she clung to believe that her husband would recover and live and all that was possible.

Each of these people believed and everything was possible. None of them is an extraterrestrial being possessing paranormal powers. The only difference is that everyone thought he or she was going to receive what he or she asked in prayer and everything was possible. No matter what you are looking for and asking God in prayer. May be your health; or perhaps a job you’re waiting for years; you may be asking God to let your children leave drugs; or you have asked for the salvation of your loved ones. For any situation, the Lord is saying today: If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. Do not hesitate for a single moment, only believe. God bless you.


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