God Avenges His Own Elect

And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them?

Luke 18:7

Many wonder why so many children of God suffer injustices, sufferings, needs and humiliation. And they who ask such questions generally anger with God saying He turns His back on His children and leaves them to fare badly. The Bible never promises that the Christian life would be easy. Rather it talks that the world would give us affliction. In Luke 18:7, Jesus tells us that God brings about justice for His elect who cry to him day and night. He also says that He will soon answer us. If the answer does not come when we hope is that we get tired of praying.

While I lived with my family in Puerto Rico, my daughter was taking care of my hair cut when I needed. But when I moved alone to San Antonio, Texas, I had to find who took over that task. As I arrived first to the house of my former college professor, I asked about it and he took me to a barber shop near his home. He said he always cut hair with a Panamanian girl which had a great talent. When we arrived and asked for the hairstylist they told him that she had the day off.

The only hairstylist available to assist us to my friend and me was Melissa, a Mexico-American, who kindly took care of us both. Really professional work of Melissa was excellent. I was so pleased that I kept going to cut my hair there, but only with Melissa. I noticed there was something different about her on all her coworkers. What made different Melissa was her commitment to Jesus Christ and her deep faith. But, being a believer, Melissa also faced discrimination and afflictions in the workplace.

At that time, I had not had my personal encounter with the Lord Jesus; but I was pleased listening to Melissa speaking of Christ’s love as she cut my hair. I also knew about her prayers to Heavenly Father for justice as it was evident that she was not treated fairly in the place where she worked. As a professional hairstylist, Melissa was the best I’ve seen in my life. In addition to her kindness in dealing with customers; but her salary did not match the excellence of her work.

One day I went to cut my hair, Melissa told me that it would be the last time because in two days she would go to work somewhere else. I asked her to give the address of her new workplace because I just wanted to cut my hair with her. Melissa told me that it was unethical, but at my insistence, very discreetly she gave me the information I asked. Though Melissa had been treated unfairly by her employer and coworkers, she kept until the last day exemplary behavior.

When I went to cut my hair the next time to the new Melissa’s workplace, I realized that God had done justice to His daughter. Melissa was no longer a simple hairstylist more but she the manager of one of the shops of the largest chain of hair salons in San Antonio, Texas. It had fulfilled the word written in Luke 18:7. Chosen as a daughter of God, He had done justice and quickly responds. What happened to Melissa also would happen to you and me, justice will be done. God bless you.


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