Humble Yourself Brings Reward

For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Luke 14:11

Pride is one of the deadliest human characteristics. Many relationships remain broken because pride prevents them from both sides acknowledge mistakes, apologize and forgive. In Luke 14:11, God establishes the manner in which He handles pride: For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. The humiliation of every human being is inevitable. If we do not humiliate us on our own, sooner or later we will be humiliated. But when we humble ourselves, God will not let us on the ground, but He rises up us and we’ll be exalted.

Retaking the idea that the humiliation of every human being is inevitable, the phrase of a friend of mine who says it applies. “Do you want it with anesthesia or without anesthesia?” With anesthesia means that we humble ourselves voluntarily, without anesthesia is our pride we prevents humble ourselves and we will be humiliated by force. Remember that the higher we exalt ourselves, the harder the blow in the fall. Many people have won all time in their lives and when they have their first defeat, they are unable to rise and remain defeated.

In mid-2002 I was hired by a pharmaceutical company in the southern state of Florida. The reason for my employment was to work with an instrument with which almost everyone had problems. Since I came with experience working on atomic absorption spectrophotometry, a technique rarely used in the pharmaceutical industry, I was seen it a good acquisition for the company and they instructed me to work with this instrument.

As I said, all those who had worked with the atomic absorption spectrophotometer in the company before me, they had problems. Management introduced me as the expert they hired. But I also had my problems with the equipment after a few days working with it. It was the evening of one of my working days and there were few people in the laboratory. What I did might not make sense as a man of science; but really it worked.

I had just a few months of having converted to Jesus Christ; but I recognized that everything comes from God. I approached the instrument and prayed like this: “Heavenly Father, I recognize that You created the heavens and the earth and all that exists. All natural chemicals are your creation. You’re the best chemist in the world, Lord, from today I choose to be your assistant and follow your instructions when operating this instrument.” So I did and never I had problems.

All my coworkers were amazed that I was the only one who had no problems operating the device and asked me what was special to achieve it. My answer was always the same: “I pray.” Many laughed at my answer and did not believe me. But the truth is that I was living Luke 14:11. Instead of believing myself the great Smarty scientist, I humbled myself before God and I recognized my helplessness and my father raised me making me look like an expert in the eyes of my colleagues. Indeed many of my colleagues might be more talented than me at their career and if I had swelling in my professional ego, I’m sure would have been humiliated. Every human being will go through the humiliation, it is better doing it voluntarily and our Father put us up. God bless you.


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