Believing to See the Glory of God

Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

John 11:40

Belief is the cornerstone of who has committed his life to Christ Jesus. Whoever does not believe lacks faith. God’s Word tells us everything that acquires who believes. Who believes everything is possible, and signs will follow him, and according to John 11:40, you will see the glory of God. The Bible also tells the story of those men and women who saw the glory of God. Moses not only saw the glory of God but he reflected its intensity all over his face. John the Baptist saw the glory of God by baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River. The glory of God can also be seen by every believer, precisely if he believes.

You might ask me: Hey, Tony, then if I believe my face will shine like Moses or I’ll see the Holy Spirit descending like a dove while I hear the voice of God the Father from heaven? Not necessarily to see the glory of God you have to look at lights or hearing voices. The glory of God can manifest in your life in many ways. One way to identify who has seen the glory of God is that you can think of supernatural things, which are unlikely to happen in the natural. An example is to receive the healing of an incurable disease.

I can assure you I have seen the glory of God several times in my life and today I’ll tell you the latest. For nearly six years I have been an unemployed. During that time, my cash reserves were depleted, businesses that I started almost always ended in failure and in the end I was penniless. As a result, the house where I lived was placed under foreclosure by the bank. Who was my wife saw me as a loser and, she did not wanting to let go the house of her hands, she decided to fight it to the bank in her forces and asked me to go there.

For several months I saw my friends diminished, leaving only very few. Also up my own blood family gave me back. I had a very difficult; but I always believed that God was on my side and I was not defeated, but merely my Father was preparing to wisely manage the blessing He had for me. One day I received a message from a brother in the faith, I know God was behind this meeting because brother took me to a car dealership and told me about an opportunity to make a living.

When we reached the car dealer, I answered honestly every question they asked me. I told them that my income was zero, that my credit was too bad, I did not have a place to live and lacked employment. They told me anyway they had ways to help me, perhaps making a lease instead of buying the car. They also were to submit my request to know what the bank would say. After half an hour, I was told that the bank had approved me to buy a car of the year, zero miles without putting a single penny.

I stood with my mouth open and my friend asked if I was scared. I told him I was not afraid but overwhelmed by seeing the glory of God in my life. In the natural was totally unacceptable that a homeless man, unemployed with bad credit would be driving a brand new car without paying a single dollar. The Word of God is faithful, so today I say to you what Jesus said, Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God? Believe and see with your eyes the glory of God manifest in your life every day. God bless you.


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