Dying to Give Fruits

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

John 12:24

Very simply, Jesus says in John 12:24 a great truth: dying fruit is obtained. Most people might think that death is the end and that after it was over. But the explanation of the Lord taking agricultural analogy clears all doubt concerning that there is something after death and that something could be helpful. It is impossible for the ground bring forth any fruit if we do not bury the seed in it the same way we bury the dead.

I have known many cases where, after the death of someone it has produced much fruit. Some of these cases have touched me very closely because they happened within my family or close friends. I have also seen the big difference between dying with Christ and die without him. I had an experience on the latter once I visited a friend who was in the section of terminally ill cancer patients, he was very quiet, as I saw in a nearby room to someone who had been away from the Lord for sorcerers and suffered terrible pain despite morphine administered to him.

That cancer sick friend named Jose Luis, was Cuban and we had a brief friendship, for his departure; but very close. In his last days I saw him very quiet, no loud own pain of those who are dying from this terrible disease. Even Jose Luis told me that the Lord visited him on his deathbed. Finally, my friend passed away in holy peace with God the eve of the celebration of the famous Calle Ocho festival in Little Havana, Miami, Florida.

My friend’s funeral was just that Sunday in which the festival was celebrated and his mother decided to use a funeral home in the same Calle Ocho, just a few blocks from where they celebrated the feast. She argued that all relatives lived in that area and for that reason it was better to meet in a place to stay near them. One of the pastors of the church to which we attended was to carry out the service; but when I called him to agree to go, he told me he could not attend because his car was not suitable to move in heavy traffic that day and asked me to perform the service.

For me it was my debut performing the farewell of the deceased. At one point, Alexandra, daughter of the wife of Jose Luis and whom he treated as his own daughter asked me to accompany her to the coffin of my friend. The girl grabbed my arm and we stood in front of the coffin. I closed my eyes and saw my friend with the Lord watching us with a smile. When I shared the Word with the people there, each one of them that night decided to give their life to Jesus Christ. The death of my friend took dozens of fruits for the Lord.

The death has given more fruit was precisely that of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, dying, bridged that restored the relationship between God and humanity. But we also need to die to our sinful lives and fall to the ground to produce fruits worthy of repentance. Fear not quit your current life because you get new life in Christ will forever and enjoy their fruits in eternity. God bless you.


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