Staying to give fruit

I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

John 15:5

In the plant world, any branch that is separated from the trunk of the plant is incapable of bearing fruit. Each tree is a whole and, although the fruits usually develop in the branches, these alone are incapable of producing fruit. In order for the fruit to be born, develop and mature, it is necessary that the branches remain stuck to the trunk. In the spiritual thing something similar happens, it is impossible for us, as branches, to produce fruits for the Kingdom if we cease to remain united to the trunk, to the true vine, Jesus Christ.

To remain one must have perseverance. Whoever lacks this virtue will never bear fruit because he will tire on the road and stop fighting. That happens in any natural field, such as in a university career. I was admitted to the School of Chemical Engineering along with 98 other students. From the same first semester many left. Some switched concentration from the beginning and graduated from other professions. Others did not even continue their university studies.

Of those 99 students admitted to the university as students of Chemical Engineering, only 9 graduated there from that profession. Of the 9, five we graduated in the expected time and the other four graduated later. I know of a few from that group who reached the goal of graduating as chemical engineers, but at other universities. Certainly there were among the remaining 90 who developed as good professionals in other disciplines of my university or another; but I think the comparison with John 15: 5 should be made with the 9.

I could not follow the trail to all my 8 companions with whom I shared for 5 years of my life; but I know of some of them that gave much fruit because they remained united to the trunk. One of them was René, who was my co-worker after graduating, he followed the line of extractive metallurgy, after our first job in a gold mine. Today, he is a renowned professional who has provided his services in several countries of the world and is also the author of several patents. The fruits of René to remain are evident.

In the same way when we are stuck with the Lord, our fruit will be seen and will be a much more permanent fruit than the achievements that we achieve in our profession. The fruit of working for the Kingdom of God is eternal and much more rewarding than earthly rewards. I do not know if, at the end of my days, I am reminded of having contributed significantly to the development of my career. And to be honest, it’s not something that takes my dream away, but what I would like to be sure of when I die is that the Lord has seen me bringing forth much fruit for Him.

Now, the only possible way for that longing to be fulfilled that I stay in Christ and He in me. Definitely that if I separate myself from Jesus Christ I will not be able to do anything of benefit for the Kingdom. Only from Jesus comes the authority and power to cast out demons, heal the sick, and preach the gospel boldly. Only by being attached to Jesus can we win souls for the Kingdom. After all, what we do comes only from Him and is for Him. If you have been separated for a long time or have never been united to the true vine, today I invite you to consider being accountable to God and giving control of your life to Christ. God bless you.


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